Romanian Baja 2013
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Romanian Baja 2013

Видео-отчет с ралли-марафона Romanian Baja прошедшего с 13го по 16е июня. Проводится как один из этапов European Championship и FIM World Cup.

In the car category, Imre Fodor finished in the second spot on the combined table, which means that he won among the Hungarians. While Matthias Somfai could not finish the race and Lajos Horvath concluded the FIM European Championship competition in the eighth position.

The odds-on favorites won the races at the Romanian Baja. In the motorcycle category, Stephane Peterhansel managed to win the battle against Alessandro Ruoso. The difference between the two super stars was just 1 minute 6 seconds. MIroslav Zapletal was able to keep his position against the best Hungarian racer, Imre Fodor, at the Romanian Baja. In quad category, Matthias Somfai was unfortunate at the end because he had to give up the race due to technical problems and Lajos Horvath finished in the second position in M2 category while he was eighth on the combined European Championship table.

A dream came true for Zoltan Garamvolgyi, who is the main organizer of the HUnGarian Baja, when he managed to organize the Romanian Baja in the beautiful Carpathian Basin between the 13th and the 16th of June. The racers must be satisfied because this surrounding proved such racetracks, where they needed all their knowledge to finish the competition.

The 11-time-Dakar winner, Stephane Peterhansel, managed to defeat his greatest opponent, Alessandro Ruoso, at the FIA World Championship race. But the two stars were not totally satisfied because a lost quad racer caused some problems. “At one of the racetracks I was driving with 50-60 m/h when suddenly, a quad driver appeared in front of me and he was driving in the wrong direction. We almost crashed into each other and after that point I was much more careful.” – said Peterhansel. His opponent, Ruoso, also managed to avoid suffering an accident.